Your Pet is the Heart of Vetcare

Vetcare’s Therapy Laser and Pet Laser Surgery Options for Dogs and Cats

Jonesboro AR Pet Laser Therapy Photo

Vetcare is pleased to offer laser-assisted treatment options for our patients. With multiple applications, laser technology can greatly enhance your pet’s experience at our clinic by allowing for cleaner, easier surgeries and effectively managing pain in a noninvasive manner.

Two kinds of lasers are in use at Vetcare:

Therapeutic Pet Laser

Companion therapy laser can be utilized by our veterinarians to provide pain relief for pets in recovery from an injury or surgery, or those dealing with pain associated with arthritis and other conditions. By applying flashes of infrared light to a specific location on the body, therapeutic laser can stop pain and accelerate healing by stimulating blood flow and cellular activity in problem areas.

Veterinary Surgical Cutting Lasers

CO2 lasers are also in use for surgical incisions, and provide many advantages over the traditional scalpel. For one, a laser incision provides instant cauterization, and significantly minimizes bleeding in surgical patients. Pet laser surgery can also make for faster healing times, helping pets recover in a quicker, safer manner from intensive procedures.

Laser technology has helped to expand our veterinary capabilities in some truly significant ways. We are proud to be able care for your cat or dog using these progressive methods for cleaner, quicker treatments with even more positive results. We invite you to contact the clinic if you’d like to speak with us further about laser options for your pet.

“Vetcare has been taking care of all my fur babies for over 20 years. I know I can trust all the staff and doctors to provide everything needed to keep my pets healthy and happy.”

— Lise Cater

“The compassion of all the staff at Vetcare is amazing. Each person truly loves to care for animals and patiently answers the owner’s questions. They are helpful and treat everyone with respect. My dogs are excited when they go in the door and that means so much to me.”

— Mary Lee Marcom

“I started using Vetcare in the early 80’s. I would not have wanted my kitty babies to have any other doctor than the Vetcare docs. These doctors are on call 24/7 for their patients and their humans and they truly care.”

— Tricia Kifer

“I can’t say enough great things about Vetcare. The staff is so caring and professional. The doctors are excellent from a medical standpoint and understand your pets are truly family.”

— Holly Onstead

“Vetcare has been our clinic of choice for more than 35 years. They have attended the needs of our sweet pets through every stage of life, with knowledge and compassion.”

— Shelia English

“Having such a caring and professional staff at Vetcare gives me constant peace and confidence to know time, holidays, after-office hours never make a difference when medical care is needed. My three sweet babies are always provided the best of medical care available. During the painful times when I lose that sweet member of family, the love and support of the staff is what gets me through. It’s not just my tears, it’s theirs too.”

— Cindy Woodard