We are always looking to take on new clients at Vetcare. If you’re looking for a new veterinarian to provide complete care for your cat or dog in the Jonesboro area, we hope you’ll consider us in your search.

For Prospective Clients of Vetcare

New visitors to our hospital are encouraged to download and fill out the New Client Form. You may fill it our beforehand or receive it at the front desk upon arrival for your pet’s first appointment with us.

It is also a great idea to include any relevant information or medical records among the materials you bring along to your visit. We understand that updates records are not always kept, and don’t expect every client to have a detailed history of their pet’s health. Nonetheless, it is important that we gather as much information as we can to decide on a wellness or treatment plan for your animal companion.

Appointment Policy

For your convenience, and to keep things organized at the clinic, we strongly prefer to work on an appointment basis when seeing your pet for medical care. Walk-ins may be allowed under pet emergency circumstances, but it is generally best that you call ahead to reserve a spot. This guarantees that you’ll get enough time with the veterinarian, and helps us to work in an organized and calculated manner to care for your cat or dog. Please contact us to schedule an appointment.


Referrals to Vetcare for services such as ultrasound will be asked to fill out a Referral Form to gather basic information on your pet’s health prior to receiving care. Any pertinent information of your own is also great to bring along.