Dr. Kevin Reed

Dr. Kevin Reed attended Arkansas State University and graduated from the University of Missouri College of Veterinary Medicine in 1983. He received the Small Animal Surgery Award and the Veterinary Microbiology Award. He has adopted 3 furry children from Vetcare, including 2 dogs and a cat that doubles as an escape artist.

Veterinarian Assistants

Patty Tindall
Head Technician/Veterinarian Assistant

Patty Tindall joined the Vetcare team in 2003. She currently serves as Head Technician as well as Assistant to both Veterinarians. Patty has replaced her grown human children with 3 cats. She will always be 1 cat away from “crazy cat lady” status.

Angel Meade
Veterinarian Assistant

Angel Meade joined the Vetcare team in 2012. She started in our kennel and currently serves as an Assistant to both Veterinarians. She also works part time as a Grooming Assistant. She owns 2 hedgehogs and 1 dog…and countless other animals in her imagination.

Kennel Staff

Dani McDonald
Pet Caretaker

Dani McDonald joined the Vetcare team in 2012. She currently serves in our kennel and boarding facility. She has adopted 2 cats from Vetcare. Puddles, a hit by car rescue and Ashes, a fire rescue.


Daron Newcomb

Daron Newcomb has been a groomer for 15 years. He has been showing dogs on a professional level for 10 years. He joined the Vetcare team in 2004. He has 4 furry children including 3 Yorkshire Terriers and 1 Standard Poodle named Lola (who was a showgirl).