Veterinary services here at Vetcare represent our dedication to keeping your pet covered in any medical situation. Whether your cat or dog just needs their regular check-up, dental cleaning, or professional treatment for a serious illness or injury, our veterinarians and staff will be prepared to provide your companion with exactly what they need.

Pet wellness care and vaccinations are a major part of what we do at Vetcare. Preventative medicine is something we emphasize for every dog and cat we see. Young or old, large or small, indoor or outdoor, it’s always important to keep your pet protected by building strong immune systems and practicing healthy routines at home.

Veterinary surgery is available to dogs and cats of every type. Surgical intervention can be used to treat or prevent many serious conditions, should your animal companion ever experience them. We maintain high standards for quality pet surgery, working to keep your pet safe while treating them using the latest knowledge and procedures.

Boarding and grooming at Vetcare covers all the basics and thensome, with outdoor space for your canine friend and grooming services that include routine maintenance as well as options for show-quality cuts and styles.

Pet dental care is important for every dog and cat. We view regular dental cleanings as another part of wellness care, and encourage you to bring your pet in for a cleaning at least once each year to keep them healthy and prevent serious issues.

Veterinary diagnostics, lab work and digital X-ray capabilities give us the power to find out just what’s wrong when your pet is sick or hurt. Our own testing lab, in-house ultrasound, and blood work are all used regularly to evaluate our patients and find the best possible treatment plans.

Therapeutic pet laser and laser surgery options are available to any patient. Noninvasive laser therapy has many applications, primarily in relieving pain and speeding healing in cats and dogs. In surgery, surgical cutting lasers may be used as an alternative to the traditional scalpel, making for a cleaner and less painful surgery for your pet.

Pet pain relief comes in a variety of forms, from medications and general anesthetic to analgesic laser therapy. We perform all pain management treatments in accordance with the latest protocols to keep your companion safe and out of pain.

Veterinary hospice care and pet memorials are always custom-tailored to meet your needs. If you ever have to make a difficult choice, we’ll be there to help.

Pet pharmacy, prescription refills, and medications needed while your companion is in our care are all available in-house.