When your pet is sick or injured, it is crucial to know exactly what is wrong in order to provide the best treatment. At Vetcare, our veterinarians use advanced diagnostic equipment and methods that include digital X-ray, ultrasound, and a complete in-hospital testing laboratory to achieve the most accurate diagnoses possible.

Digital Pet X-ray

For all cases where a complete internal picture is required to get your pet the treatment they need, we turn to digital X-ray technology. Having the digital advantage at our disposal means that Vetcare’s X-rays are produced with higher clarity, in a much faster time than allowed by traditional film radiographs. On the whole, this makes for quicker and more precise diagnostic work when examining a broken bone, internal injury, or gastric issue in your animal companion.

Veterinary Ultrasound

Using ultrasound equipment, Vetcare doctors have the ability to look in-depth at organ function and specific internal processes of your pet’s body—all in real time. Ultrasonic imaging is particularly useful in pointing out complications in the abdominal area of dogs and cats, and can be used to detect masses, evaluate the kidneys, liver, and other vital organs, and look for common problems such as bladder stones.

In-hospital Veterinary Diagnostic Lab

With a complete diagnostic testing laboratory located on-site at the hospital, our veterinarians and staff are able to run a full range of tests and blood work to closely monitor your pet’s internal health. We can also send out samples for profiling by an outside specialty lab on a daily basis. By combining our own blood work and testing capabilities with specialized referral services, Vetcare is able to make a wide variety of tests available to your pet family member.

Our goal is to be able to effectively treat every cat and dog we see. Keeping full diagnostic programs available to patients in need helps to make this goal a reality.


Veterinary medicine is a rapidly changing field. New therapeutic drugs, equipment, and procedures are developed and released at a rapid rate. Our pets benefit from these new and innovative products.

Vetcare is proud to offer a variety of these products including:

  • Fiberoptic Endoscope for noninvasive diagnosis and therapy of the gastrointestinal and respiratory systems.
  • Pulse oximeters are used during anesthesia for monitoring oxygen saturation and heart rate.
  • An electrocardiograph is used for diagnosis of heart conditions as well as for monitoring during anesthesia.
  • A Doppler blood pressure unit is used for medical conditions where it is important to monitor changes in blood pressure.
  • Implantable microchips are available for lifetime identification of your pet.

If you have any questions about our services, please contact us today at (870) 972-5320.