When it comes to keeping pain out of the picture for animal companions, a wide range of relief solutions makes all the difference. Vetcare includes a number of techniques in our pain management program, to be as versatile as possible in the amount and type of pet pain we are able to treat.

In surgery, injury, sickness, or chronic pain conditions, our veterinarians can turn to a full spectrum of tools to keep patients as comfortable as possible.

Pet pain medications, available through our veterinary pharmacy enable us to provide sustained relief to animal companions in all kinds of situations. Medication can be an excellent way to keep your pet comfortable before and after surgery, during recovery from a severe injury or illness, and when dealing with chronic pain. This is also the best take-home method available, and we’ll be able to prescribe your pet just what they need to recover in the comfort of home.

Veterinary anesthesia is used during surgery and any potentially painful treatments. Always administered by one of our trained veterinarians, general anesthetics are supplemented by constant safety monitoring by a technician in accordance with our surgical standard of care.

Fluid therapy is also routinely used in surgeries, and can provide continuous, intravenous pain relief from the start of an operation through to sustained recovery.

Pet laser therapy may be a viable alternative pain relief option for your animal family member. Therapeutic laser treatments are useful in stamping out pain by reducing inflammation and stimulating healing. A great benefit of laser therapy is that it is simple and easy to provide, with no physical side effects for your cat or dog.

From the most minor injuries to intensive surgery, Vetcare is committed to making sure pain never presents serious a problem for your animal companion. Please contact us if you’d like to know more about how we can help your pet stay out of pain while they are in our care.